The Bayer Contour USB

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The Bayer Contour USB

Diabetes management technologies are beginning to catch up to the mobile, computerized tech world that seems to be changing all facets of our lives. Since 2009, the Bayer Contour USB has brought extra functionality to blood glucose monitoring – you can plug it straight into a computer’s USB port to download your data!

Features of the Bayer Contour USB

This meter is designed to be a top-of-the-line glucose machine even before you add in the USB advantage. The Contour USB offers:

  • Five-second test time using CONTOUR test strips;
  • No-Coding Technology to make test-strip management foolproof, automatically correcting for common interfering substances in the blood;
  • Target Ranges for before and after meals help you learn when and what to eat;
  • See trends easily right on the meter with a series of “Average” screens;
  • Color display and illuminated strip port let you test in any lighting conditions;
  • A rechargeable battery (it’s the smallest meter with a rechargeable battery) that charges when you plug it into a USB port;
  • A “Reminder” feature to help you remember to test – can be set to a default time of two hours since the last test, or be customized as you choose; and, of course,
  • Syncing capacity via USB to Bayer’s GLUCOFACTS DELUXE Diabetes Management Software.

You can order the Bayer through several online resources, including Walgreens and

Checking Your Blood Glucose

With the Contour USB glucose meter, Bayer designed things to be as intuitive as with any well-designed classic meter, despite the cutting-edge technology. To use the Contour USB:

  • Wash your hands in warm water to encourage circulation.

  • Insert the gray end of a CONTOUR test strip into the port on the Contour USB blood glucose machine. The meter will automatically come on.
  • Use the Microlet 2 lancing device to obtain a blood sample.
  • Wait for the “apply blood” icon, then touch the tip of the strip to the blood drop and hold it there until the meter beeps.
  • Select “Before Meal,” “After Meal,” or “No Mark” when the AutoLog appears. If your test result is in normal range, you’ll have to make a choice before you see your result. If you’re hyper- or hypoglycemic, however, you’ll see your result immediately.
  • Put away all your testing supplies in an organized fashion; be sure the lid is tightly on the tube of test strips to prevent contamination.
  • Connect your meter to your computer and open the GLUCOFACTS DELUXE Diabetes Management Software whenever you want to sync your data.

The Bayer Contour USB: Takeaways

The Bayer Contour is an excellent compact meter with a little added functionality for the 21st century. If you like keeping your glucose test logs using computerized software, this meter will make your life a little easier.

Bayer has a long history dotted with irresponsible corporate behavior. As an informed consumer, take that background [insert internal link to Topic 29, “Bayer’s Background”] into account when deciding whether to buy the Contour USB.

If the computerized functionality of the Bayer Contour USB interests you, and if you’re always on the go, you might also be interested in the new iBG Star blood glucose monitor. The iBG Star is designed to plug directly into your iPhone or iPad touch and to work with an App designed specifically for keeping track of blood glucose data and trends.

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